Hey guys! We just got back in town from our awesome trip to MineCon, where we filmed a fresh new Podcast in Derrick's room! In this podcast, we actually talk about video games, our Minecraft video and our adventures at the show. Plus, all of our Black Friday deals, which are listed below. Click here if you want to just listen to us. Black Friday is in a few days, so before you give all of your money to WalMart, take a look at what we're going to offer THIS FRIDAY in our Mega64 Online Store!
  • New shirt design (concept by Derrick!)
  • Mega64 Night Time DVD BACK IN STOCK (with new limited disc art!)
  • System Hoodies BACK IN STOCK!
  • Limited Edition System Hoodie VARIANT - "POQUE" EDITION - Only 100 made, on sale beginning Black Friday!!
  • A new but long requested POSTER (WE FORGOT TO MENTION THAT IN THE PODCAST!!)
  • Mystery t-shirts (XL Shirts of past out of print designs)! Which surprise design will you get?
  • And out of this world discounts on select merchandise!
On top of that, every shirt or poster order on Black Friday will get an exclusive minimalist character poster designed by Jay! And for the first time ever we are giving out secret prizes with DVD orders! You get a gift almost no matter what you order. Order fast though, it's while supplies last (and all of these are subject to change as well). Also, your poster will be folded if you buy a shirt, just FYI- We know some of you don't mind, but those that do might want to order it with another poster to ensure tube-age (is that a word?). You don't have to wait until Black Friday to get something special, we have a new video coming out this week that I know you'll be thankful for (get it?), so check back in soon. We want to give a big 'Thank You' to Notch, the rest of Mojang and all of the fans who made it out to MineCon and helped make our experience great- we had a lot of fun! Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving...or if you're not from America, a good Thursday!  

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