Something we love to do here at Mega64 is feature an exclusive poster print at every convention we have a booth at. They're always a coveted item and very limited. A few times, however, we have caved to intense online demand and sold a couple of the rare prints online. I think we've only done this twice. In any case, it seemed to make people happy, but by and large we like to keep the posters as exclusive as possible to reward those who make it all the way to see us in person.

However, this past week we hit a weird impasse. We recently showed our PAX South 2016 exclusive print- a fake poster for a non-existant "HAX" convention for hackers:

We debuted this online ahead of the show and it really took off- it was reblogged and reposted all over every social media site. We really thought it was going to be a hit. The thing is, once we brought this to the show in-person... it kind of just created a confusing situation. People who came to the booth thought it was advertising a real event. In fact, at one point, the guys at the booth were visited by someone working in law enforcement in regards to cyber crime. It was a lot of bizarre questions, and a lot of people didn't seem to get the joke. It's actually a pretty funny situation on its own! But in any case, it just didn't land the way we wanted to.

That's why we're announcing that we will be selling the poster print online this Friday on the Mega64 online store. We will also be putting the "Cute Boys" baseball-cut shirt back in stock that day as well. Be sure to come back then and pick one up before it's gone.

We'll be back tomorrow with a (weird, bizarre) new Mega64 Podcast... and maybe even a brand new video as well! Stay tuned!

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