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Royce's Choices! Podcast 314 & Poorly Played Stream 95

Posted on July 25, 2014 by royce

After doing RTX, AX and SGC all one after the other, Mega64 was back in the Studio this week with a Live Podcast. They showed off this year's Comic Con Exclusive Poster which was by Derrick and designed by Emily "Ferret" Irwin, and debuted a new shirt, the Icon Shirt by Shawn and designed by Jason Cryer. They also had their second iteration of Is It Racist, in which they discussed Derrick being a Dark Warlock and Attack on Titan. Also, Derrick shared a story of almost instigating a fight between two guys, one of which who pantsed the other guy. And to end out the stream, Derrick talk about how he's kind of like Neo, and if he was President how he'd run the country. Unfortunately, that Choice couldn't make it to the Mega64Podcast Channel since it had some commercially licensed music, but be sure to check it out! You can watch the entirety of this Podcast After Show in the After Show Archive.

Garrett was back with another Poorly Played Stream this week, playing Destiny with Kevin. To start off the stream he showed off a new bumper by Jared Thorbahn entitled, Durger Time. Hats off to Jared for consistently making some kickass artwork for the Poorly Played Stream, and be sure to follow him on Twitter (@Thorbahn3)! Garrett also took a number of calls throughout the night, one of which was by caller Ryan who asked what was your worst "Oh Shit" Problematic Moment, and even shared a story of his own. And of course, Garrett continued the tradition of the Prank Call segment with Kevin where they were trying to find specific pieces of clothing. You can watch the entirety of this stream in the Poorly Played Archives. Streams are on every Wednesday at 7PM Pacific on Mega64's Site, and be sure to follow Garrett on Twitter and Facebook along with Mega64 on Twitter to know when he'll be going live.

As always, you can watch all of the Royce's Choices of this week on the Mega64Podcast Channel!

One quick reminder before I go, there is no Live Podcast this Sunday because the Fellas are at Comic Con this weekend. With that being said, to all of you who are attending, hope you have a lovely time! And to the rest of you, have a great weekend! 


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