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Posted on June 26, 2016 by rocco

It's coming.


Debuted on our live stream today for the first time, ladies and gentlemen... the trailer for MEGA64 VERSION 4.1 (REVENGURRECTION).

Version 4.1 (Revengurrection) is the continuation of Mega64's original series, as seen in Mega64 Version 1, 2, and 3. A new chapter in a totally different format, the full length "Revengurrection" will finally continue the story left behind in Version 3 six years ago.

In addition to releasing our new trailer, we relaunched our Patreon completely, with new prizes for patrons, and new goals. One of the new goals is to expedite and elaborate our production on V4.1-- and not only that, but to release it for free to the public. It's already in production, but hitting that goal will enhance our ability to release the project on time and for free, without interruptions in our content releases. If you're interested in this project, we really encourage you to contribute! No pressure if you can't. 

It doesn't stop there. Stay tuned for a brand new video. Mega64 is back in full force.

Come back for an all new Mega64 Podcast on Tuesday, and don't forget to come see us at Anime Expo or RTX!

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