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Royce's Choices! Podcast 351 & Poorly Played Stream 135

Posted on May 22, 2015 by royce

Shawn's Balloon

Mega64 was back with a Live Podcast this past Sunday in which they announced the official dates for this year's GameDays! Also, Mega64 opened up more P.O. Box gifts, and once again, Garrett showed off his ass for a second live on the stream. You can watch this After Show in the After Show Archive.

This past Wednesday for the Poorly Played Stream, Garrett played Mortal Kombat X with his special guest and cousin, Walker. During the stream, Walker tried Kickapoo for the first time, and did a a Prank Call with Garrett and Rocco in which they inquired about buying a Doge Shirt. And to end out the stream, Walker played with one of Rocco's figures. You can watch this full stream in the Poorly Played Archives. Streams are on every Wednesday at 7PM Pacific on, and be sure to follow Garrett on Twitter and Facebook along with Mega64 on Twitter to know when he'll be starting.

Lastly, Shawn and Rocco did a bunch of mini Q&A sessions last week Friday in which I've compiled together and you can watch it in the Miscellaneous Archives.

As always, you can watch all of the Royce's Choices on the Mega64Podcast Channel!

One last reminder before I go, next week Wednesday is Garrett's Third Anniversary of the Poorly Played Stream! Be sure to tune in and who knows what surprises he'll have in store!

That's all for now, so all of you have a nice long Memorial Day weekend! 


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