As we've been mentioning recently, Mega64 is going to Crunchyroll Expo AND PAX West real soon! We promised you more info on both events, and God willing, we're gonna give it to you!

First of all, Crunchyroll Expo recently put up their schedule. Unfortunately, some of the info listed about our planned events is not accurate. Our panel will probably end up being on Saturday night sometime. We were also planning to skip any kind of assigned signing times, and just hang at our booth most of the weekend, so you can visit us anytime! Keep an eye on our twitter for up to date info on what we'll be doing at the show.

UPDATE: Our Crunchryroll Expo panel will be Saturday night at 8:45PM at the Yuzu Stage!

As for PAX- Same info as before! Booth 7016 all weekend long, and our panel "MEGA64 PANEL OF THE WILD MODEST TEST OF STRENGTH" will be on Sunday night at 7:30 in the Sphinx Theater.

We will have ALL the new merchandise we've had all summer at our PAX booth, in addition to some new stuff! We're also gonna try to bring some of this stuff to Crunchyroll Expo. Let's show that new stuff now!

The CALIFORNIA GAMISTS Shirt! Artwork by Jason Cryer. Available FIRST at PAX West 2017 (and maybe Crunchyroll Expo).

The BLOODY GUTS soft hat! Artwork by Daniel Dussault. Available FIRST at PAX West 2017 (and maybe Crunchyroll Expo).

The Mega64 PAX WEST 2017 EXCLUSIVE Poster (based on a very special video we released this year). Artwork by Nina Matsumoto and Jason Cryer. This item will be available ONLY at PAX West 2017.

Those are all the new items you've never seen before- but we'll also have the big hits we've had at the past few summer cons as well!


The Psychedelic 64 Shirt. Artwork by Dusty Peterman. 

The Electric Shirt. Artwork by Jason Cryer. 

The AnimeTrashSwag x Mega64 collaboration shirt. 


The Neuro Elite Sweatshirt. Artwork by Mariel Cartwright. This item is a convention exclusive and will not be sold online.

And as always, we'll be bringing plenty more to PAX that isn't even listed here. Come see us!

Last but not least- if you're thinking about joining us for Mega64 Gamedays this year, we thought we'd let you know that there is finally a discount park ticket link available. If you're joining us on November 12th, you can get a discount ticket to California Adventure there (or regular Disneyland too if you want to see both yourself). Get on it!

Thanks as always for checking us out here at Mega64. Hope to see many of you this weekend!

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